Sunday, November 1, 2015

Send Evan to Europe!

It's a family fundraiser.

Order HERE ↓

$16 + Free Shipping

We are so excited about this opportunity - and the Dad is working extra hard to save up for the trip - 3 weeks in Europe is a bit spendy.  But we are getting close to the goal!

Wouldn't you love a great little cookbook to give as gifts?  155 pages of great little recipes, easy to make and budget-friendly.  Great for kids leaving home, or Moms trying to decide what's for dinner.  Desserts, elegant entrees, party foods and appetizers, breads and even home made playdough.  Fun and tasty, quick and easy, mouthwatering, prize-winning family favorite, delicious recipes!  You'll love it, and we love you!

BONUS:  Free Mormon Tabernacle Choir CD with purchase.

~the Momma

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