Saturday, November 19, 2022

Spring Rolls

Rice Paper Wrapers
Reconstitute one at a time with hot water on a large plate.
Then prepare the fillings:

Avocado Slices
Julienned Carrot Strips 

Mint Leaves

Green Leaf Lettuce

Cucumber Slices

Cilantro Leaves

Fold up the bottom of the wrapper, then fold the sides over each end and roll up like a little burrito.

Dip into Sauce.  I like Kewpie Deep-Roasted Sesame Sauce

Oh, that is good!

~ the Dad

Friday, November 18, 2022

Sweet Pickled Zucchini Relish

After eight years without a garden, we enjoyed a summer of fresh zucchini.  Two plants were ample to keep us and the neighbors in zucchini all summer! 

Now we can keep enjoying it as sweet pickled zucchini relish. 

The recipe is kind of vague - just how big is a large zucchini???  If you have doubts about it, use this recipe from the National Center for Home Food Preservation:  Summer Squash Relish

Annette's Sweet Pickled Zucchini Relish

                                                   Grind together:
                                                    * 5 large zucchini
                                                    * 3 sweet red peppers
                                                    * 3 green peppers
                                                    * 5 onions

                                                    * 1/2 c. salt
                                                    * 1 t. alum
                                        Allow to sit overnight.  Drain off the juice,
                                        then rinse in cold water.  Squeeze out as much
                                        liquid as possible.  May use a cheesecloth bag.

                                                    Bring to a boil:
                                                    * 5 c. sugar
                                                    * 5 c. apple cider vinegar
                                                    * 2 T. celery seed
                                                    * 2 T. mustard seed
                                                    * 2 T. turmeric

                                        Add strained vegetables and simmer for 20
                                        minutes.  Pack the relish into sterilized canning 
                                        jars, leaving 1/4" headspace.  Wipe the rims
                                        with a clean, wet cloth.  Add sterilized new lids,
                                        finger-tighten the rings, then process in a hot
                                        water bath for 15 minutes to seal. 
                                        (10 minutes if elevation is below 1000 ft.
                                        20 minutes if elevation is above 6000 ft.)

                                        Allow jars to cool.  Refrigerate any jars that
                                        do not seal.  

This relish is great on hot dogs, burgers or bratwurst, or sandwiches.  We like it best in tuna sandwiches!  Mmmm!

Check out these other delicious Zucchini recipes: Zucchini Bread, Lemon Zucchini LoafSpaghetti Zoodles, and Quiche.   

These and 150 more great recipes can be found in our Family Recipe Book, "Home Cookin'"!

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Now, what do I do with all of those green tomatoes??  Stay tuned!

~ the Momma

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