What's Cooking?
When the triplets were young, they learned to make breadsticks.  One girl would mix the ingredients,  another would roll out the dough and press into the cookie sheet, and the other would make the parmesan topping.  Then we'd bake these delicious, easy breadsticks.  The girls would take orders from around the neighborhood by giving out hot samples, then deliver them "hot to the table for dinner".   One summer, they earned enough money to take the family to Disneyland!  I called them my little "3rDegree Bakery"  The girls also learned to sew, along with their big brother.  We spend a lot of time both in the sewing room and in the kitchen, making stuff.  And every once in awhile, we'll remember to take pictures and share just what's cooking around here.   ~The Momma

 Favorite Recipes...

 Sewing Projects...


Charity projects...


This one says it all.  
Celebrate, Dream, Create, Discover, Live Laugh, Love. 

There's always something cooking.

La-li Ü, Sassy Ü, Coco Ü, and the Momma.
Every once in a while, the Dad, the brother and brother-in-law will cook up something too!
Follow along to see what's cookin' at the 3rDegree Bakery!

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