Monday, June 4, 2018

Makers Gotta Make....

After a couple of sewing/quilting sessions with La-li, here is what her little pile of creations looked like. 

Clockwise from left to right:  Naugahyde tulip bag, Sleeve bag, Embroidery, pencil bag, OMQG nametag,
 customized notebook, hand stitched coin purse, fabric billfold purse.
Sunset was coming on, but she was Über excited to "Sew-n-Tell"!
A big, yellow Tulip Bag for Cissy!

Complete with grommets and hardware!

Assorted baggage & ebroidery:

The green zipper bag is made from the sleeves of a cute old shirt she wore in High School; found at the Thrift store, likely from the 70s.  The second is a quilted pencil bag from cute scraps lying around the sewing room, and the embroidery is her own needlework.

Re-do of a quilted nametag for the Oahu Modern Quilt Guild:

Lali removed elements from a nametag she didn't like and repositioned in a new setting.  Momma quilted and bound it with crochet-edged bias trim, then added a ribbon lanyard.  The little sewing machine is based on a pattern HERE. <<
New wallet!!

Perfect fabrics for a summer purse in Japan!

Ohmigosh, so cute - both the girl and her collection!

Come back for another sewing day, soon!

~the Momma

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