Thursday, November 13, 2014

All-American Apple Pie & Luscious Pie Crust

Feeling THANKFUL!!  

At this holiday season, with the tradition of big family meals and gathering around the table together, it's also a time of remembering, and feeling gratitude for blessings.

I miss my parents at times like these, but remembering Dad's corny jokes and Mom's great cooking brings smiles and warms my heart.

And this recipe for All-American Apple Pie was one of Momma's best. 

I haven't made a pie for ages, but I remember baking pies a LOT as a teenager.  In fact, I think I was the designated pie-baker in the family.  Another sister's specialty was cookies, and another sister's specialty was bread-baking.  Which we did a lot! (Seven loaves a week, at least.)  Actually, we each took turns baking everything.  And my sisters and I usually collected a several blue ribbons at the fair as a result.

I made this apple pie (and the luscious pie crust too) yesterday, and I even remembered how to flute the edges.

Baked for about 40 minutes.  Even got to use my new pot holder <<.

Isn't it amazing how just one bite can be a mouthful of memories?  Delicious!!

Just look at that tender, flaky crust.  I think it's the lard...

Roll out leftover piecrust dough, cut out into fun shapes, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon, then bake just until done - about 10-12 minutes for a great snack.

Then I came home tonight to the pie half-gone with a little note from my dear husband:

I think I may have to start baking a little more often...

Feeling thankful for the blessings of family; for learning and working together, and for my own parents who taught me what it meant to make a house a home.  

~The Momma

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