Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hipster Bags!

We've had fun making up sweet little Hipster Bags!

They're the perfect size with an extra-long strap to sling over a shoulder and wear on your hip.  (Note to self: Is that why they call it a "hipster"? Ask the kids.)

So cute!  Ricky Raccoon fabric
Back, plus a little bonus cardholder/wallet (<click for tutorial)
For a trip to New York earlier this summer, I made mine with a "New York Beauty" quilt block on the front.  Because, you know.  New York!

   the Momma's:
Check out the cool Temari Ball zipper fob made by Lauren!
Next is Nicole's sweet "Cruisin'" hipster bag:  

Room for the wallet, phone, sunglasses and..... PASSPORT!!! Yeah!  Perfect for all the necessities when we head out on our Quilt Cruise to the Bahamas next Spring!

Here is the link to the FREE Hipster Bag PATTERN < designed by my friend Sharon for Riley Blake Designs.   A great beginner project for kids and adults alike.  And the zipper installation could not be more simple!  Check this out:

Press upper pocket section in half,
 slip the zipper inside and stitch along the fold,
enclosing the edge of the zipper tape.  

 Press away from the zipper. 

 Now press the lower pocket piece in half,
 slip the zipper inside and stitch along the folded edge
enclosing the other side of the zipper.

Press pocket pieces away from the zipper and edge-stitch on each side of the zipper(s).

We added an extra zipper at the top of the bag plus two more layers of lining - to hold just a little more stuff.  Absolutely perfect!  I predict more Hipster Bags in the future...

And... since I taught the girls to install zippers, we've each earned our ZIPPER merit badge from SewMamaSew!  It's their "Teach A Friend to Sew" Series, and you can find out about it here:

Here are more quick links in case you're interested:

~the Momma

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  1. Love the bags! I've been eyeballing rpthat tutorial. My daughter is a bag-a-holic. I've been wondering if she'd like this one, and judging by your great trip and review, I'd say yes!


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