Thursday, April 21, 2016

Girls' Night - Sew Fun!

It has been forever since the girls and I were able to sit down and sew together!  I usually have to bribe and beg, but this time, they all wanted to work on a project.  Makes a Momma so happy!

Chelsea found this cute fabric last year to make herself a cute Hipster bag, and wanted to use the leftover scraps for an apron.  I just happened to have a colorful dishtowel and some jumbo ric-rac in my stash that matched perfectly, along with some leftover binding strips that she could use for the ties!

A little glue stick, a few pins, a bit of stitching... Done in no time and just "sew" adorable!!  Especially for a girl who loves to cook!
Dishtowel Apron Pattern

Nicole has been trying to finish her Cuddly throw for ages - and the fur was flying!!  It's Cuddlesoft designer plush fur (Minky), with long, hairy white cuddle for the outer band.  And since it was so slippery as well as hairy - it took about a million pins to make it manageable, tucking the hair inside the seam and pinning about every inch.  Or less.
See my  Best Tips for Sewing With Plush Fur
Then the hairy trim turned out to be about 5 inches short - aargh!

So we patched in some more and it worked!  She finished sewing on the back the next day.  Here is Princess Cuddlesoft!

Lauren was finishing up her Capstone project for her Family Studies degree at BYU, a beautiful silk Kimono!

She hand-dyed the Dupioni silk, and found a Japanese pattern which she and her husband interpreted, then she made the kimono and all the accessories to go with it.  She figures it took about 180 hours in research, design, prep and construction.  In this picture, sleeves were not yet attached, but she was pretty excited it was coming together.  Can you see the ombre look she was trying to achieve with the blue dye?  Awesome.

Hanging out in the sewing room with my girls is more than just sewing!  The giggles, the fun, the sheer joy of making beautiful things together has been an enormous part of our lives.  Stitched together with love.

~the Momma

~ ~ ~

P.S.  Here are some photos of Lauren's finished project.  You can see the lotus flower design she created in the skirt.


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