Monday, April 12, 2021

What's for Dinner? Special Occasions

 Looking back through photos, I started to get hungry!  Here are a few of our family's favorite delicious dinners for St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or whenever!

~~ Crock-Pot Corned Beef ~~
Steamed Cabbage, Carrots, Potatoes & Onions

What is it about this annual St. Patrick's day meal that just tastes so. darn. good!?  Must be the briny sauce from the corned beef poured over the veggies.  Just follow the directions on the Corned Beef package, and steam the veggies separately.  Delicious!

~~ Three-Cheese Ravioli (made with Gyoza Wrappers) ~~
 Homemade Bolognese Sauce & Basil/Pistachio Pesto

Evan was surprised it tasted so delicious! OK, this was an experiment, but judging from the quick disappearance of it at dinnertime, we'll be sure to repeat.  Recipes are from the 3rDegree Bakery's HOME COOKIN' Cookbook.  This one is good for any day of the week.  We tend to do Italian dishes on Sundays.

~~ Garbage Can Dinner ~~
 Severed Toes (Sausages)
Steamed Potatoes, Carrots, Mushrooms, Onion, Broccoli, Cauliflower
Dijon Mustard

Quickest meal in the West! Load up the steamer with a little water in the bottom, then comb through the fridge or garden for everything you can steam together, plus a few Polska Kielbasa sausages.  A little butter, salt & pepper, and a sprinkle of dill on the top, with a side of Dijon mustard, mmmm! The perfect meal on a Sunday afternoon, or for Hallowe'en.👻

~~ Thanksgiving Feaste ~~
Mediterranean Salad with Tomato, Artichokes, Cucumber, Feta & Ranch Dressing 
Lemon-Baked Braised Cornish Hens
 Freshly Mashed Idaho Russets with Cream, Butter & Nutmeg
 Balsamic-Glazed Carrots & Parsnips
Fresh Fruit Compote with Citrus Zest

This is the layout of a feast with two of my sisters who came for a mini Hen Party/Craft Day.  It wasn't quite Thanksgiving, but we laid out a fun spread and enjoyed delicious food and a fun time together!  We didn't use recipes, just grabbed stuff out of the refrigerator to put the dishes together.  Oh, yum!

Now, this post is making me hungry!  I wonder, what's for dinner??  Better go check our family recipe book!  

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~the Momma

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