Sunday, April 25, 2021

Timeless Messages of Hope and Praise

It is Well With My Soul

With the world on hold because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square has not gathered together since March 13th of 2020.  But the music goes on every week, just as it has for the previous 92 years!  As a member of the choir, it has been a little bit heartwrenching to give up that portion of my life, of raising my voice in unity with 359 other singers every Thursday for rehearsal and every Sunday morning for the live broadcast.  

It has been a blessing though, to watch Music and the Spoken Word every Sunday morning and include it as part of my home worship service.  At first, it was difficult not to burst into tears with each and every heartfelt song!  But, in a way, having that stirring music fill my soul has softened the blow, as I know each and every other member of the choir has had those same yearnings to sing together.  And we can sing along from home.  The choir's messages each week have continued to buoy me up and bring a feeling of peace.  I still catch glimpses of myself each week and remember the words and the feelings as I sang lovely anthems, beautiful hymns, uplifting, positive, hopeful, inspirational messages. 

The choir will probably be one of the last groups to reconvene after a "herd immunity" has been established in the world.  The very nature of singing together, sitting so close, projection and forceful diction to achieve the ideal sound will restrict us from gathering.  So, I will continue to hope for the best and to sing along, to practice in the shower and in the car so that when we do reconvene, I'll be able to perform once again with this lovely group.

~ the Momma

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