Thursday, November 13, 2014

All-American Apple Pie & Luscious Pie Crust

Feeling THANKFUL!!  

At this holiday season, with the tradition of big family meals and gathering around the table together, it's also a time of remembering, and feeling gratitude for blessings.

I miss my parents at times like these, but remembering Dad's corny jokes and Mom's great cooking brings smiles and warms my heart.

And this recipe for All-American Apple Pie was one of Momma's best. 

I haven't made a pie for ages, but I remember baking pies a LOT as a teenager.  In fact, I think I was the designated pie-baker in the family.  Another sister's specialty was cookies, and another sister's specialty was bread-baking.  Which we did a lot! (Seven loaves a week, at least.)  Actually, we each took turns baking everything.  And my sisters and I usually collected a several blue ribbons at the fair as a result.

I made this apple pie (and the luscious pie crust too) yesterday, and I even remembered how to flute the edges.

Baked for about 40 minutes.  Even got to use my new pot holder <<.

Isn't it amazing how just one bite can be a mouthful of memories?  Delicious!!

Just look at that tender, flaky crust.  I think it's the lard...

Roll out leftover piecrust dough, cut out into fun shapes, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon, then bake just until done - about 10-12 minutes for a great snack.

Then I came home tonight to the pie half-gone with a little note from my dear husband:

I think I may have to start baking a little more often...

Feeling thankful for the blessings of family; for learning and working together, and for my own parents who taught me what it meant to make a house a home.  

~The Momma


  1. There is nothing as sweet as that note for the pie. Warms the heart to get such heart felt praise.

  2. Ah apple pie! my favourite! Don't forget the custard though!

  3. That pie looks wonderful! Making good pie crust is something I haven't mastered. I haven't tried a recipe like this, though.

  4. Mmmmmmmm ... yummy! Your pie crust is the same as mine ... with no lard ... those days are gone. The vinegar and egg does make for a very luscious crust. Our apple pie recipes are very similar, too. I add more cinnamon as my hubby can never get enough cinnamon and I add a dash of mace. Your pie is prettier than any one I have ever made, though. A blue ribbon pie, for sure. Thank you for sharing ... :) Pat

  5. ohh yummy this looks too good to eat. no wonder your husband ate so much. thanks so much for the recipe.

  6. The pie looks so delicious. I didn't get the pie making gene from my mom, but my sister sure got a good helping of it.

  7. I am SOOOOO going to use that recipe!!!! I was thrilled with the pie recipe...and then there was that note...
    you have a good one sweet....

  8. I had to visit to get the best pie crust recipe and discovered it is the same one as I use. We grow a lot of apples here in ND and I make a lot of apple pie, applesauce, dried apples and homepressed apple cider. Nothing better than fresh off the tree!

  9. Your pie looks delicious. I have seen this crust recipe before as I remember the egg and vinegar but have never tried it. Now I am going to have to make it as I think it may have been the recipe used in a pie that was the best I have ever had.

  10. Now that I've cleaned the drool from my, that pie looks amazing!!! Thank you for the recipe for the crust - never knew about the egg and vinegar...need to find some good lard!!

  11. This pie is making my mouth water just from your gorgeous photos! Will be trying this one out this weekend. A Thank you note can't be beat! Thanks for sharing the recipes!

  12. Your pie looks yummy! I'd love to have a slice!


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