Saturday, August 9, 2014

SEW BIG: Star Medallion (A Carpenter's Daughter)


We recently got new couches for the living room, and we needed a new couch quilt to match.  We rifled through some of our unfinished quilt tops, and found that Chelsea's big star medallion matched the new furniture.  She sketched out the style of quilting she wanted, I quilted it on the longarm, she made the binding.  Another prize-winning quilt - even considered for sweepstakes!!

It's the perfect size lap quilt.

Even Charley approves!

Next time you need to whip up a quick quilt, try this easy-to-make big block quilt.  Here's a link to the PATTERN <<.   Great for beginners, too, made with giant half-square triangles.  Chelsea named it her "Carpenter's Daughter", not only because it's the center star of a Carpenter's Star quilt pattern, but because she happens to be the daughter of a carpenter.  *Ü*
Star Medallion (Carpenter's Daughter) Lap Quilt, 58" x 58" 
So proud of you, Chels!
~The Momma

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