Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Huckleberry Adventure

Drove 6 hours and 13 minutes north and a little east of home; up the interstate, through some little towns on the back roads to the family reunion, then up through the forest over a pass, through the countryside, along a river, past a geyser and a herd of antelope to a sweet little cabin, then headed for the mountains.

It was a little overcast.
Took a left at the lake,
Forgot to pull over at the picnic grounds for a hike, ended up on an 8-mile one-way road.
Pulled over at the first opportunity.
Saw the lake, got a few pictures.

Hey, what's that bush at our feet and down the slope?

No, it can't be!  Not with all these people tromping around, looking at the lake...
Little shining treasures right at their feet... or about knee-high, that is.

Tasted a few... yep.  Huckleberries.  That zingy tart burst of purple goodness.  Berry Perfect.

Spent our time picking berries instead of hiking.  Good trade.
Ryler documented our adventure.
Here's his view from the top of the water bottle...

Picked up some sugar, canning jars and a couple packages of pectin on the way back to the cabin.  Combined the berries with the now-thawed fresh-picked frozen raspberries purchased at the family reunion, and a few minutes later...

We be jammin'!  Just followed the recipe for raspberry jam on the pectin box.  Added 1/2 c. huckleberries to the first batch, then combined half raspberries and half huckleberries for the second.

Oh, that indescribable burst of flavor!

We still have enough berries for the Dad's birthday coming up... time for some Huckleberry Cheesecake!
I may be a little stingy with the berries, but if you stop by, I'll share a bit of toast and jam.  Maybe.  If we don't eat it all first.  Better hurry on over.  :)

~The Momma
More Huckleberry Celebrations (& recipes) HERE.

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