Saturday, September 3, 2016

European Adventures! Part I ~ Berlin

This is the second in a series recapping our recent travels and concerts with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in Europe.   An amazing adventure, so glad to have shared it with my husband, Evan!  First stop:  BERLIN, Germany!

Brandenburg Gate

Reichstag German Parliament Building

Checkpoint Charlie

Berlin Wall. Bits and pieces of the Berlin Wall are still visible in this remarkable city.


Performance at the Berlin Philharmonie.

Sound Check:  Cum Sancto Spiritus, rehearsal in Berlin:

Each concert, guests of the choir (about 83 family members including my husband, Evan) would attend the concert and were able to visit with the people sitting nearby.  After the Berlin concert,  we met a sweet lady, Petra, and her husband Rudolph, who were friends with a gal back home.  Marilyn had contacted me prior to the trip to text a picture of the couple, and my husband located them during the concert. 

 Deonn, Rudy, Petra, Sophie and Sherrie

Following the concert we met in the hallway, and with hugs and smiles, gestures and a little bit of English they told us how they enjoyed the concert!  Music is certainly the universal language, and even if we did not understand much of what they said, we knew how they felt.

Singing Battle of Jericho in this city, well, it was the audience favorite of the night.  "And the walls came a-tumblin' down!"  The song certainly took on a deeper meaning for me, at least, after seeing the wall, hearing the stories.  My heart was deeply touched, singing for these people, this audience, in this place.

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  1. That was so fun! I can't believe you guys had such an awesome time!!


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