Friday, October 10, 2014

Chelsea's Been Sewing!

Smiling... (I don't blame her - look at those perfectly matched points!  She did a little happy dance too...)

Making the binding...

Quilted by Mom...

Minkee backing... yum.

Star Medallion Lap Quilt << PATTERN

Remember Chelsea's prize-winning quilt?

She also received a 4th Place ribbon at the State Fair!  (Very cool, as ribbons awarded at the State Fair are only given to 5 places per category).  Even Charley is impressed.

This is the payoff for Chelsea hanging out in the sewing room for all those years - not only in $$, but in confidence.  Well done, Chelsea!

~The Momma


  1. Better watch out, have competition. What a great job.

  2. I love the way the story is told in pictures. The last photo is priceless - Chelsea's smile, and Charley' s fur being such a great colour match with the quilt!


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